Every Portrait-Shooting… tells his own story about something or about somebody. Independent it is for commercial or individual reasons. It is work. But it is also always personal. It needs professionalism and distance and otherwise intimacy and trust. It creates a very special relation during this time. The shooting-result is the mirror of all that and some people, not all, are be able to “read“ in this mirror. But only the “true chemistry“ and real trust between client and photographer make it happen to capture something, what will give the photographs a unique look and character. It is a visual statement. “This  is what I want. This should be the result. For that I go my way. With professionalism, experience and empathy.“ Christian von der Eltz invites every new client to visit his Gallery. See the frame productions and printed books from amazing shootings. You are welcome.
The me becomes a brand. Business Portrait: 2-3 hours with two outfits. Studio or On Location. (Office, Hotel/Restaurant, Park, special local spots.. Corporate Team Shoot: (incl. individual single person) for: Webpage Illustration       Social Media Content       Corporate Magazins       PR Stories… (Incl. professional Creative Direction, Consulting, techn. follow-up steps.)