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TFS/TFP Shooting TFS oder TFP stands for „Time for Shooting or Time for Photos.“ This shooting is free of charge for the participant, but it is associated with consideration or declarations. In return, it may be possible to follow specifications in terms of theme and style or declarations of agreement refer to be available on time and to agreed publicity rights. No claim can be made on a TFS or TFP shoot, as it not fee-based offer. While the photgrapher provides the full creative services and also assumes costs and effort, the participant receives a previously agreed number of pictures without having to pay them. TFS/TFP shootings are therefore not booked, but are part of personal agreements. And yet basic rules from media law/copyright law apply. With the copyright law, the photographer claims the exclusive right of disposal and determination of the photos. Unilateral claims, of any kind, are excluded from the outset. The participiant receives a limited number of pictures for the private publication needs, but not print files or even entire photo sets. Conversely, the photographer receives the agreemet for the publication and a reference image use. Both parties are prohibited from commercial use, as well as a handout to third parties, the sale or trade of such images. The violation of personal rights is just as inadmissible as the misuse of image material . The permission for reference photo use may be withdrawn at any time in the event of breach of these principles. Conversely, the photographer may withdrawn the rights of use in special cases or demand the irrevocable and permanent erase of the images. These are all mutual legal aspects covered by media law. As a rule, however, this is a concept that works very well and is advantageous for both sides. TFS or TFP shootings require the unconstrained ackknowledgement and acceptance of internationally appicable media law. Otherwise, regular photo fees apply as an alternative. Unanswered questions must be asked by the participant on his or her part and will be answered unrestrictedly.
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