By the way. One of the special service is oversea shipping.. Christian von der Eltz delivers your frame world wide in that way museum and galleries do.. With insurance.
Creation /Productions: Art Projects Frame Prints Calendar Books Poster, Placards and Displays Web Prints Multimedia Photo movies
The Frame - Portrait Shoot in TIF The result will be ONE perfect portrait print in 50x75 cm. Frame, print, photo mount and montage equates highest Gallery-standards. (Incl. prize) Additional 10 images convert in JPG for Web using. (Social Media) Shooting time: 2 to 2,5 hours Studio or On Location
Corporate Photo Art Book Project Image/PR… is an artistic corporate documentation base on a written creative concept. The result is an unique Glascover-Book. (30 x 45 cm) in fine art production. The expenditure can be endless.
VIP Photo Session for Cross Media PR (incl. Photo PR Book, 1 Big Frame Print 80 x 120, Photo Movie incl. all selected production images in JPG) Studio     and/or     On Location (8h) free in Location, Style, Scenes… Fashion, Beauty, Character, Story Development
Pure JPG Shoots in High Resolution JPG Guarantee for brilliant Web quality (Social Media)
The portrait key visual (Profile-Image) shoot in JPG The result: One perfect profile image for social media using/Web. 1,0 to 1,5 hours studio shoot.  One set. Delivery: 1 ready key visual Photo incl. Retouching (1000 x 11500 Pixel)                 plus 10 JPG-Images, the client choose from the set.                 (700 x 1000 Pixel incl. Retouching)                
Incl. Creative Consulting, Photographer- and Studio Fees. Incl. Retouching. Incl. Creative Direction: Creative Conception, Copy, Visual Design, Layouts. Incl. Production: Technology, Material, Quality Management, Controlling, Handling and Project Management. (All in)
Corporate Social Media PR-Story Photo Shoot. (high Rs-JPG) The introduction Story Office Scenes (Still-Life-Interior) Working Scenes (People) Co-working Scenes special skills or tecnologies A casual friday Special topics autentic  photography.
Client Advice: Every shooting with Christian von der Eltz needs a pre-meeting. Christian von der Eltz never delivers photo- artwork at the same day. Delivery after quality check. If clients come to the studio for delivery, please dont‘t forget to turn a USB stick or another external hard copy disk. (16 GB)
inhouse manufacturing