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South Africa Piano Composer
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Travel journalism and PR / ITS/FTI Touristic                                  
S  t   r   e   e   t     P   h  o   t   o   g   r   a   p   h  y
T r a v e l j o u r n a l i s m / Hospitality and PR
Africa, Sahara          2002 ITS/FTI
Lunch Break
10 Km far away as it happend Djerba 2002 Just re-opened after terror attack Heavy armed military escort and stand behind me…
Tunisia Egypt Marocco A small documentation
Already 3 weeks nearlz night and day around me. New friends…
Team talk for the next trip to south. 700 Kilometer with different  photo locations.
Meet with European Kids in a Hotel.
One week trip on the Nil. Starting point is Luxor
It is comfortable but hot
Talk with the Captain. He is involved and care my timings
Early in the morning we leave Luxor with other ships.
Our Ship is blocked for one week Photo Shooting incl. destination visits. I am alone here with my team.
With a extra ship we arranged dynamic photo scenes for video productions (Leaving and arriving)
Totally we visit and photographed over 80 Hotels including culture reportage and documentation.
Perfect organized in all details from ITS professionals in Cologne. I did the rest.
An unexpected hard sand storm in the Sahara give us a new experience what means: Hospitality…
After heavy sand storm and time lost…
Living Room
We leave.
No orientation.
Hotel                                          Stories