Copy writing and Photography is the only answer for the question how to build brands, image and „personal standing“ or how to tell an interesting story. Of course we talk about media-work.              
Portraiture Photography draws the line to Fashion and other global themes …and reverse. Certainly with graphic and copy writing portraiture becomes a advertising- visual, a sales campaign or a PR- Story. But it starts exactly with it. And without it remains perhaps as an artistic photography.
But there is an conceptual different between:…
Head Shots Business Portraits Corporate Portraits Fashion- and Beauty Portraits Character/Life Portraits PR Story Portraits Event Portraits Personal Portraits Let us explain.
© All photos by Christian von der Eltz
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              Finally it informs and effects               people to make decisions, how               to act and what to buy for products              or services.             Photography how I understand that             is in which way ever, a visual statement.                         It is and it has an own language.      
By the way…