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I take not time for people  they have no time… Every request and requirement needs listening and attention. And a lot of people make their stuff always urgent and important. But they have no time for a meet, a coffee or a call. They try to do all and everything with messenger and E-mail in SMS-Style and they claim for registrations on web-platforms. Sometimes they want that we fill out a web-form. The request comes mostly from a  incognito mail-account with no-reply and no signature. More and more global brand player communicate meanwhile in this way. They play a mysterious game. I am very sorry to say that. But nothing from that is what we do. It is not our style and it is also not respectfully. We expect always a personal word, a mail with signature and the willingness to talk. We make it possible without any exception. Otherwise we have no time and no interest. By the way. This is business- and private rule.
Generals about Photographer ready for the market.
People buy a camera. A really expensive one and a big, big lens. They learn a little bit something about ISO, shutter speed, aperture and white balance. If not  they set all on automatic. And of course they work hard to learn photo- shop or another photo-software for the perfect mainstream-picture without character and personality. Ready is the „photographer“ with some pure poor technical skills. The market is thankful. Because they don‘t need to pay this people. Not really. There are two faults! First fault. No client want a beginner, also if they pretend in their job-descriptions a complete wrong impression. Of course they look for a photographer with education, but just only with one or two years experience. I don‘t know why, (of course I know…) but their priority is more photo shop and light room. They ask for technical skills but they never talk about photos they need, visual CI or picture-language.
And next is perhaps experience in client consulting, proposal, billing and accounting, all follow-up steps and sometimes experience in sales. If somebody go in a interview, he will wonder what they really expect and for what they ask. Let‘s be realistic and not naive. If somebody learn the technical job as photographer in a serious way, he/she needs already 2 years in a studio. And there is really a different somebody learn that in a studio for advertising, in a portrait studio or in a studio for wedding or documentation or what else. Nobody ask for that…very first. After this the beginner starts to make experience. Perhaps as a assistant-staff or  as a freelancer. However. In the next 5 years he/she will learn the reality about client consulting, marketing, business development, contract management, studio management, media law, composing and all this generally basics. And I hope he/she will start to develop  an own style and an own story…
Next fault. Nobody is a photographer from the beginning. Somebody becomes a real photographer with personal development. These people have  understood from alone that only to handle a camera is not enough. They study photographer-history, biographies, art and composing. They have interest for real history, social life, people, politics, life-style. They spend a lot of time for museum and galleries. And they never stop to learn. They move… A real photographer is somebody, high educated, with empathy, emotional intelligence, social competence. Friendly but critical. They hate small talks. They go deep and they ask. And yes, the real pro‘s are not easy to talk with or to handle. There is very often too much opinion and too much smattering in all details. But they know their job and they do all and everything for the best possibly result. With professionalism, creativity and experience. They know more…
That all  includes also to learn the business first. And that means not the photographer- business. That means client business and clients interests. That means to learn how to work with agencies, with marketing departments, with a art director, a creative director or a editor. Somebody needs to understand all and everything about work-flow and cross media-production including the really complex expert-language. Otherwise how can somebody follow or support a meeting? He or she should know why he/she photographs, for whom and for what! That takes a little bit more time than 3 or 5 years. Or somebody has really talent and luck. Vogue or another big magazine pick „you“ from the street and make you to a „photographer pop star“. Can happen, but it happens not so often. The reality is more a hard working and lonely life. And a lot of young beginners give it up very soon. It is a „fucking“ risky way and  decision.
About Creativity… and Photography
Creativity is very first a special, distinctive ability to imagine something what is still not yet exist. In photography: These are artistic composing skills and not technical skills. Having an idea…or having an idea… is not the same. A idea must work logically in all directions… but it should also be „moving“. It falls not from the sky. For that Creativity is a complex comprehensive scheme. And all what people think, what it should be, is finally only the result.
Creativity starts there, where normal thinking ends. For me with words, soul and feelings for the theme. Without is all inflationary, meaningless and has not any value. We motivate clients to have a vision. This is the challenge and makes the different already if it‘s starts.