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Product Portrait Design & Funktionalitaet
Design and functionality are the basis for quality and thus for a brand product. Branded products, on the other hand, ceate desire and, in many cases, also override rational questions of reason. On the one hand, these are indeed true luxury products, on the other hand, only the visual perception that can make virtually any product something more special. It is the combination of an aesthetically photographed product portrait with a correspondingly implied value proposition. Product portraits differ slightly from commercial online shop photography, because here the product is photographed either artisically as a still-life or in a brand world created especially for this purpose. Background, light and shadow giving products this special effect. And of course the speacial abilities of the photographer. Product portraits are photoraphed exclusively in studios. Only here are all the requirements available to be able to „play“ creatively with the product. But not every product can be delievered to a studio. This can have logistical or actuarial reasons. For such cases, we are be able to set up a fully equiped mobile studio in virtually any place, for a limited period of time.