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Architecture. People Square, Shanghai 2017
Object: Old car and bike in the ground. Shanghai, 2012
Architecture: Shanghai Peoples Square 2018
Street Art Objects Shanghai, 2012
Basketball Player at a public ground at the Bund. Shanghai, 2017
Traffic at the Bund, Shanghai 2019
Frauenkirche, Berlin 2008
Street painter at the Bund, Shanghai 2015
China Special I
Street Portrait Older Chinese Woman Shanghai, 2018
Hairdresser Shop from the  Mao era, China near Shanghai 2016. This shop is no more exist.
Chinese Street Coocker 2018, Shanghai
Coming home. Shanghai, 2018
… means for the most Chinese …this in 2018.
Why Street Photography? The world is not only black or white. There is a lot of grey in between. Street Photography is very first a daily source of inspiration. It reminds me also every day how and in which way we live. It keeps me clear and clean for a realistic view at our life and world. Who has no interest for the past will not understand the presence. How can somebody make decisions for the future? These people I call ignorant.
Christian von der Eltz
There is no special order in this selection.
St. Peter Ording, Beach Germany, 2008
China Special