Creative Director
Copy Conception.
„Creativity is very first nothing others than a special, distinctive ability to imagine something, what is still not yet exist. Having an idea… or having an idea , which works with logic, …with words and in style is not the same.“
Creativity as a job is a complex comprehensive scheme.
Campaigns need a campaigns story. Products need a product story. A movie or commercial spot need a story board and a Photo Shooting requires already for a shot book. A logo needs a claim, … perhaps …and an advertisement a slogan. Other themes need a visual creative concept. And so on …and so on…
All and everything base on a written working conceptual idea with  creative briefing. Otherwise there is no „story.“ And finally there must be someone, who think it up to the end and make it real in all details. That is the Creative Director copy/conception (CD/ECD). He develop creative concepts and bring copy on paper. He guide the later production as an Executive. Creativity needs logical thinking, awareness, daily reflection, feelings and inspiration. It is a process and it falls not from the sky…
„Creativity starts there where normal thinking ends.“ Know what you produce… and how and why…? Find written words first.