Architecture. People Square, Shanghai 2017
Object: Old car and bike in the ground. Shanghai, 2012
Traffic at the Bund, Shanghai 2019
CCTV Pearl Oriental Tower Sanghai, 2015
Restaurant Terass at the Bund, Shanghai 2016
China Special Middle Bund
Subway at the Bund Shanghai, 2017
The Moddle Bund, Shanghai, 2017
Architecture at the Bund Shanghai, 2017
Wedding Shoot at the Bund, 2017
A Porsche at the Bund, 2017
Shanghai The Middle Bund by night, 2017
China Special
Heart of Shanghai Down town The Bund
Waipu Bridge at the Bund, 2017
Bund by night, 2017
Chinese Couple at the Waipu Bridge
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Center of tourism in Shanghai. Only people…
The Middle Bund