Christian von der Eltz is available for Photo Shootings and as a Creative Director with high standard of quality claim, incl. technical follow up-steps and cross media productions in west-style. (Important for Studios which want to invite Ch.v.d.Eltz as a guest photographer… (long term, short term…) For any commercial collaboration the acceptance of internal business conditions and international media law are pre-condition. (US and/or EU Media Law.) Christian von der Eltz follows German and US workflow style only. Christian von der Eltz is represented by: CEA, Hong Kong Contact: Mail@ChristianvonderEltz.com Thank you very much.
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A booking is a fixed job order. Clients pay for the shooting, project management, services and expenses. With guarantees for both parties. Invitational means to come without „job order“, but official. The client buy later photos with price list. Single photos or photo- collections with using rights. Sometimes this option can be a good choice, if clients don‘t create a competition between different photographer. Christian von der Eltz grant an option for events and jazz clubs.