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„Writing and visual art let people understand the world a little bit better. Sensivity is the source of medial perception“  
Christian von der Eltz (* 28.08.1961/West Germany) Senior Consultant Communication / PR Press Media Executive Creative Director/copy conception Photographer, Journalist Expert in Risk- and Crisis Management (RMCM) Mile Stones: 1981 - 1992 Technical Studio Education, APS Munich Professional Agency Education (4A) Lead Agency BMW, CHC Munich Dr. Wolf Dieter Herbst Communication Development Strategic Communication + Consulting Creation: Media Conception + development                  Copy/Conception (incl. RMCM)                  Campaign and Product Photography                  Cross Media Production Project Administration: Documentation, Reporting, Controlling                                          Budgeting, Billing and Accounting    Account Direction Study: Marketing Communication, FH Munich Consultant and Creative Director 1985 -1992 M&V Draft World Wide, Munich (Heribert Schneider) Mc Cann, Frankfurt/Duesseldorf (Helmut Sedelmeier) Leo Burnett, Frankfurt (Helmut Koenig) 1992 - Founder/CEO CEA Studio Company GmbH,  Duesseldorf PR Press Media (Ausbilder-IHK) Germany Europe USA Central America/South America 2014 - 2022: Hong Kong CEA Studio Company, Limited CEA Studio, Hong Kong Atelier, Shanghai Clients: Agency. Editorial Office. BtB Work: Portrait and Documentary Projects                               -  PR Press Media Content Production -                Art & Culture Projects             Communication & PR Press Media Content Heavy Industry: Steel, Oil, Chemical Architecture and Construction Fashion and Accessory: Brands & Retail Life Style Brands Cars and Follow up Markets: Dealer Networks Hospitality: Travel Organizer Hospitality: Culture Context Stories, Travel Journalism Hotel F&B Chain business Tourism: Government Departments FMCG: Retail Public People (Jazz Artists, Designer, Society) Events Production: Cross Media F-F-F-Print-Web 2015 - 2020 Guest Professor University Shanghai Intercultural  Communication - German Tutoring Program - Visual Art Own Publications (German/English): SPI articles about Media communication (special interest press) SPI articles about Photography (special interest press) Photo Books Art Exhibitons (Portrait and Street Photography)                      
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Portrait- and Documentary - PR Press Media - PR Executive Creative Director Copy/Conception (German/English) Photography + Visual Art Photographer PR Press Media Own Studios and Ateliers On Location On international Spots Journalist Media Content Production 1981 - 2023 Germany, Europe, USA, Central America, South America, China, Asia Pacific.
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PR Press Media Portraits & Art Matters Stuff
PR Press Media Portraits & Art Matters Stuff
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