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Christian von der Eltz was born 1961 in North/West Germany. Parents: Architect and Interior Design Technical Studio Education  1981. APS Studio, Munich. 1982 - 1985 Study Marketing Communication and Visual Communication, FH Munic. parallel: Agency Education: BMW/CHC, Munic Creative Director (Copy/Conception and Style) Brand Communication Agencies and Studios 1986 - 1992 Draft Worldwide, Mc Cann Erickosn, Leo Burnett
1992…Agency and Studio Owner Creative Director and Photographer Photography 1981 - 2019…today and in future. Commercial Advertising PR Communication Cross Media Productions for… Global Player/Brand Companies. Lifestyle, Fashion  and International Hotel F&B. Portraits and Fine Art Photography 2014: Guest Professor University of Shanghai          Inter Culture Communication                   University College of Art & Design          „Creative Skills“ Publications: different Photo Books Art Exhibitions Magazines