Life means reflexion and learning every day. The sense of life is to create values for that day, we will pass by. Whatever it is? Our own development and our legacy is memory, responsibility and herritage for future generations.
Christian von der Eltz was born 1961 in North Germany. The studio-education he completes in a leading advertising photo-studio in Munich. (APS 1981). 1982 he was hired by the leading BMW Marketing-Agency, CHC, Munic. (CEO, Professor Dr. Wolf Dieter Herbst) The best Executive Creative Director he ever met in his life. Up today… ) He gave him the real professional education, rules, orientation  and direction. He pushed him to study marketing commuication with diploma 1985. He  found and developed his talent and made all possible for his later life. After Prof. Dr. Wolf Dieter Herbst left BMW/CHC for healthy reasons, Christian von der Eltz changed to other leading 4A Advertising Agencies. Draft world wide, Mc Cann Erickson and Leo Burnett as a Consultant and later Creative Director. During this time he tooks the creative responsibility for a lot of international brand companies and their strategic and creative product launchs.Totally 10 years he works and moves on his way in Europe and USA. Exit
A Creative about Creativity…
1992 Christian von der Eltz returned from a one year goverment marketing project in Belize back to Germany. He found CEA and opened his first own Photo Studio. In this year Christian von der Eltz started to work independend as an Executive Creative Director and Photographer for international Hotel chains and brand companies in Europe, USA, Africa, Australia. 2014 he moved CEA out to Honkong and himself to Shanghai. He opened another Studio and came deeply in touch with Asian culture, with traditions and chinese Art. Espacially with portrait photography, which has in Asia another significance. He also became Guest Professor at the University for marketing communication and the University College for Art and Design in Shanghai. (Visual comunication and Bauhaus Photography … “The new watching…“)
2017: 35 years experience in advertising and PR allows a new perspetive on creative projects and another view in photography.   And this view is reduced…and focussed …and…intensive… 2018: The priority has changed. Christian von der Eltz quitt finally advertising business after a changing process beginning already in 2016. CEA is pure PR-Agency. The photography projects are focussed on portraits.                                                                                                                                                       … and private?