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Event photography is an extensive topic, for which I have specially written a conceptual paper. The content of this paper deals with the subjects to be photographed in a very detailed manner. It is about event-themed visualizing, program and show documentation abd a lot more. Here, however, we are dealing with the questioning event portrait photography, which excludes the actual documentation at this point. It is about the visitors, the guests and the people who are one visit event. The main actors. And with that, every event becomes a fashion show, a red carpet and ultimately (PR-) boulevard magazine in terms of content. Because an event becomes a kind of media event even if it remains private. Here too, there will later be publications in the social media you might want to sell printed pictures or just want to ensure uniqueness. That `s why I don`t make a difference myself whether the event later has to have commercial PR value or not. No event is repeatable. People are interested ininter-human scenes. Every- thing else is a documentary accessory, if not negligible, which in turn requires a special perception from the photographer and the experience of how to  move around at events. The perception and the sensitivity for relevant scenes, the eye for details are decisive. I am available for commercial PR events as well as for private events of two hours or more. In addition to the usual fee questions, there are further details to discuss. With pleasure.  Presentation  Know how-Competence Transfer  Business Development  Customer retention  Branding and finally     a Public Relation Event It is a motivation factor in all directions. But sustained yield and long term attention after the exhibition is only what PR media work creates. It is the necessary follow up step. Hour Fee or Package Solution. Both is possible. But a meeting in advance is required.
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And for this is quality media content required.
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Booth: Architecture, Interior, Products Guests, Experts, Visitors Presentations and official parts Press-, Media Interviews People, Scenes and…      High Lights Artbuying: With license agreement for digital PR media use; not commercial advertising. Exklusive print rights. Please come in contact with mail and photo- set no. We like to show what we have to make an proposal. Thank you very much.
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