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Event photography is an extensive topic, for which there is a special conceptual paper for preparation. This paper deals in great detail with the topics to photograph. It‘s about event theme visualization, program and show documentation and a lot more. Here, however, we talk about the question of event  portrait photography, which makes the current  documentation less important at this point. So it‘s about the visitor, the guests and the people who attend an event. The main players. And thus every event becomes a  Red Carpet and ultimately a (PR) tabloid magazine in terms of content. Because today every event becomes also a media event, even if it remains private. Here, too, there will be later publications in the social media. (Wedding for example) That‘s why I make no difference photographically wether the event has to have later commercial PR value or not. It remains a social event. That‘s why guests are primariy interested in 3 thing: interpersonal interactions, fashion and food. Everything else is a accessory, although not to be neglected. No event is repeatable. This in turn requires a special perception for relevant scenes and a eye for details. I am available for commercial PR events as well as for private events from two hours duration. A premliminary discussion about the planning and, if necessary, the specifity of individual guests is indispensable.
Another question deals with today‘s requirement to make event photos available relatively quickly.
A direct publication in the social media is associated with restrictions for the users and limited to individual photos. To publish a complete event documentation was so far practically not possible. For this purpose we have developed our own brand format:  PR-Magazine. (Event.PR-Magazine)  This media format is provided exclusively on smartphones and allows us to „handle“ with „fast moving content.“ That means that your guests and participants will have a complete event documentation on their smartphones within a short time. For this we provide a QR code. The planning and pre-production must be completed 1 week before the event. Otherwise, the later workflow is endangered. There may be delays. This is a tough just-in-time-job. For this we ask for understanding.
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