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Body Art
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The aesthetic body painting belongs to the oldest arts that we know. And every culture has its own style developed and renowned artists brought whose works we see in galleries and museum. In the end it was the up coming photography technic and the influence of well-known fashion photographer which always changes the style from the 50s until today. And someone who likes vintage history will find in the image archives of the 60s, 70s,or 80s a detailed documentary of time documents. This change is our socio-cultural development owed. For many body art photography is equally important with nudity. Personal, I see the opposite in that. To show as little as possible and just like that a lot the aesthetic and maybe even more to meet erotic demands. It works with body art not because of flat nudity to present, rather imaginative „head cinema“. The can be archived through black and white photography, the ingenious game with light and shadows and one focus on details with the help of body covering accessories. Body art means by the way not necessarily „whole body Photography“. Individuals too Body parts can be  perspective in kind the abstract representation set te scene. My self-imposed ethical rules forbid suchlike photo shoots to initiate for social media content. A mutual agreement states that this photos is artwork only for the framed picture single print (art framing or book) are provided. For those shown on this page Examples became the personal consent obtained.  
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