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Work with kids
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Chidren under the age of 10 do not follow the photographer or his instructions. On the contrary: Kids quickly lose patience and try to free themselves from „constructed“ ideas or scenes. Namely, it creates pressure. There are alteratives… and I think that in the context of a photo shoot, children should at least apprently almost be left to their own devices without losing control. After a first personal impression („pre-meeting with ice cream“) I look for a location that suits the type. It can be a park, a fountain, or anything that attracts attention and arouses interest. As a rule, children start dealing with the situation on their own after just a few minutes. And that is where the actual photo shoot begins. Parents should be prepared for this. It can happen that children get wet or maybe even dirty. One child is „cool“ and the other is just nonsense. So what? With a second set of clothes, a towel and a couple of motivational snacks, that much cannot happen. I`ve experienced many great shootings with children, but also scenes in which they were bullied for even little thing. Then the mood is quickly gone. Because instead of laughing and relaxed children, we have stress. And that means stress for everyone involved. As long as nothing serious is to be expected, I recommend: Let it run. Here, fun is the most important requirement for photos that one liks to look, show and share with pride. A word about clothing: Please avoid conspicuously printed T-shirts with wild graphics, logos or fonts.  
Not because I dont like it , but because it affects the aesthetic of the photos negative. Not too colorful and not too many different colours. Funny accessories, on the other hand are always welcome.