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Home Event
The Home Story is a fantastic possibility to realize almost any portrait shoot. Business in the Home Office, artistic with instruments that are difficult to transport, fashion/lifestyle in combination with interior or life portraits. The advantage is obvious. Because here you not only feel comfortable, but also have everything available that is needed for a shooting. Clothing, accessories make-up for styling, furnishing items and other things are flexible at hand. The difference with the studio is that there are practically no limitations. Nothing has to be rebuild and the style question can be answered much more flexible. A conceivable disadvantage woud be a limitation in light. Because that‘s exactly what you go in the studio for. But here, too, modern studio technology allows us to use a light and completely uncomplicated system with exactly the same effect. And that does not result in any pollution or disorder. Promise!
Weather dinner (dinner party), cocktail party oder garden party; you take care of your guests and I care about the documentation of your  Home-Event. After that, we immediately produce a digital „Look Book“, which as an Event- PR Magazine will be available for every participant on his Smartphone.  Then that we‘ ll see…
Como Lake Italy
Shanghai, China