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Wedding Shoots A question of expectations 
At that moment we are in one of the most important chapters.
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Wedding Photography: Europe. Asia.
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Let‘s assume that you are currently dealing with this topic. You are planning your wedding. And in the context of your endless checklist, which you have to work through this, the question suddenly arises, who should actually photograph your wedding? Maybe you are lucky and know someone in your circle of friends and acqaintances.  And if not,  start searching specifically for wedding photographers in the Internet now. To anticipate,  you won‘t find me there. This is also not necessary, because the search shows already so many results that you propably feel quite disoriented after a short time. So where to start? The best thing would be if someone were nearby. Then you look at pictures. And you look at a lot of pictures. Ultimately, however, it will not be particularly helpful. Because what you see there are not meaningful photo galleries, but only individual images. Of course, every wedding photographer puts his most effective pictures on the net. You see what you should to see. And if you look very closely, you will notice that the motifs are similar. A well-known and very renowned London photographer once said that there is nothing more boring for him than looking at wedding photos. I would confirm that. As a photographer, we shoud already be aware of what  we are photographing. And a wedding is not a model shoot in this case, although the wardrobe and  location certainly plays an important role. This may be the adaequate „framework“, but it`s not what it`s all about. Not according to my understanding.  And basically has no influence on the pictures. Your story  is a story of commonalities, feelings, romance, passion, love, security and the plan to spend a life with each other. And this story started at some point. At that moment we are in one of the most important chapters. And than there are the people who are important in this story. Of course the people who will accompany you. Maybe you look at wedding photos again now and try to find what it should be. A story. Perhaps it is also helpful to think about what happens to the pictures after the wedding? Of course you love to share photos with family, friends and guests. But priority should be given to yourself. So I mean, what do you personally intend to do with it? Also here I come to an interesting realization. Most couples don‘t look these photos for years after the wedding. Couples say that they can only be seen in wedding clothes. The clothes basically prevents these photos from being included in everyday life. There is something to it, but should given you food for thought. Does every photo really have to correspond to the chlichè of a wedding? Again, I think very differently. It should be about the decision and the events and memories that are  associated with it. We were at the question, so what to do with it later? Just imagine your wedding as a large-format-illustrated book. Page by page… Passionate, emotional, exiting, full of memories,  alive and authentic. And some of these photos may be framed as a  BigPrint in your house or apartment. Photographing a wedding should not  be a job, but a kind of „mission“. As I said: A question of expectation. I photograph portraits. And that means I‘m interested in the story behind the photos to make stories. This is a completely different approach and requires not only a different kind of perception, but also a different focus. The nature of my photography is documentary, authentic and perhaps artistic. I avoid global perspectives. And in the end, something is created that I call „Values for your life“           Write me a email to Mail@ChristianvonderEltz.com,           call me + or contact me on           Instagram. If the situation permits, I am happy to be available to you in Europe and Asia.  
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