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Artist Portraits
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Artists of all kinds are first and foremost freelancers, like everyone else. Your economic survival, especially with stage artists, does not ultimately depend on your degrees and thus on the professionalism of your (PR) media work. Artist portrait in this context means less the individual and often official „press/PR photo“. It means much more the almost daily portrayal/documentation of work, life, lifestyle and performance. That alone generates enough content over the long term to to lose contact with its audience. For this reason, I can only recommend every artist to have a kind of „house creator“ who can do both. Text and photography. This is the only way to ensure a constellation that enables the necessary, lasting and mutual loyalty even in difficult times. However, this SOMEONE should also have proven core competency on the topic. The pandemic shows us very clearly the importance of artists and cultural workers everywhere. „Compassion“ is relatively limited. On the other hand, I am well aware from my own experience that artists rarely see a need for this subject as long everything is going well. And in the moment in which it not longer works, helplessness and resignation spread. However, personal initiative is only possible if the media‘s ability to act is guaranteed. I myself mainly take care of jazz musicians and their environment as well as occasionally musicians of the classical discipline. And if somebody asks me now who does this job as an artists remarkably, then Diana Krall spontaneously occurs me. In this business, only those who „make their „own I into a brand“ can survive and be successful.  
Mr. Ralston van der Schyff, South Africa Composer, Piano
Alicia Franklin Lewis, USA (Vocals) to Rolf Becker, Germany, Composer, Big Band Director after PR Shoot.