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Street Photography 
I am a dedicated Street Photographer too. For me, this is the highest challenge photography. Access for architecture, social life documentation, culture and art. Street Photography is a separate discipline in photography. One of the most famous schools is the „New York Institute of photography“. You should keep it in mind: Over 50 percent of all photo artworks in galleries is Street Photography. Documented scenes and portraits. Street Photography creates values and time documents. And every place where a Street Photographer works is what we call a „spot“. But Street Photography also follows strictly morally and ethically rules. There is a lot of meaningless and inflationary picture taking and there are real artists. When you visit a photo gallery next time, pay attention to what you see. Helmut Newton or the German married couple Becher (Art Academy Duesseldorf) were also one of those nameable street photographers. One of my favourite Street Photographer is Fan Ho, born in Hong Kong 1937. (City Life) The people in a photograph are random, but the scene is composed. The person become become a part in a later artwork. And that could be perhaps you. It happens in a hundredth of a second or faster. But the later artwork is forever. Nobody is constrained to buy a photograph. But it would be quite regrettable if the person does not know anything about this photograph. Unfortunately, it is impossible to leave a film negative or a digital file higher 750 Pixel. The photograph belongs to the Art Matters Stuff Collection by Christian von der Eltz.
/Spot Portrait
But framed quality prints are possible.
A4/100,00 Euro A3/150,00 Euro
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11 x 15 cm:
 15,00 Euro