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PR Story, Commercial
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Public Relation
Consulting Briefing Copy/Conception Photography with proposal
Creative Direction/ Photography Studio Equiment
Every media PR story has a commercial character in which it purses strategic goals for the formation public opinion or information transfer. The written story is in he foreground. The PR story portrait and other photos are mostly used for illustration. The photography can be a person-related photo- graphy (classic portrait) or a representational product photography. Concept photos often come from architecture, nature or even Street Photography. PR story photography always begins with a text manuscript, whereby it is then determined with which motifs „headlines, paragraphs or keywords“ are to be illustrated. The reverse variant is based on an conceptually photographed theme story. In this case, the short copy to be written will be added to the picture illustration. Once the content  is ready, the next step is to design a media-friendly page layout for print or web. I take on assignments with technical and thematic competence on my part.