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PR Story: Image Portrait                                  Business Development 
Branding, customer accquisition and sales has become a matter of media exposure. Your own website serves as a trustworthy source for product information and services on the one hand and as a digital comunication interface on the other. Social Media form the front end to markets and target groups almost without replacement. And these media want and have to to be constantly „fed“ with content. Unlike commercials, this is not about individual motifs, but about storytelling with authenticity, which also reveals a certain spontaneity. Conceptually, this means thinking in photo series Up to 10 motifs tell stories in single images.. A video spot with music and text illustration is produced as a photo movie.   (15 to 60 seconds) The focus on individual images is demonstrably more lasting and intense in this production. If you want to show interactive and documentary actions, choose the classic video production. This videos are also suitable for showing offline on smartphones and tablets or for sending by email as an attachment.
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