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Fashion- and Lifestyle Portrait
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Fashion and Lifestyle conscious people develop trends and thus generate public attention. They become the role models for others and influence target groups and event market segments.
Not infrequently, this is the beginning of a new and successful story we can follow every day in the social media. How long this success lasts depends crucially on the quality of the content. If you haven‘t noticed it yet, you should inform yourself about  the new guidelines at Google.    
From March 2021, Google will set new priorities with regard to the specifications and ratings for the ranking of websites and posts. Accordingly, the quality of content will be decisive for the ranking in Google search in the future; likewise the frequency of content-up loads. Another criterion is optimization  for smartphones. Fashion and lifestyle portraits or stories are among the favourite topics. There are also two options here: The adopted cover shoot with an outfit and a selected spot with different poses and scenes as „Commercial Shoot“ or „Not Commercial Shoot“. Fashion/Lifestyle Story Portrait with different outfits and different ones Location. „Commercial“ or „Not Commercial“.