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PR Business Portrait
The Business Portrait is the photographed documentation of a person who moves in his professional environment. That‘s why a real business portrait can never be  a single photo. It always consists of a photo gallery. First of all, it makes no different whether we are talking about the business portrait of a leading industrial manager or that of a master craftsman. Business Portraits support the claim to leadership. Thus, the result must be an expression of personality, core competence, social competence, credibility and authenticity. At least! As a result, a business portrait indirectly becomes also a PR measure for oneself. If companies and brands are involved, the shoot is even tied to a certain „political correctness.“
And it always starts with a careful preparation. First Pre-Meeting: Consulting Documentation Concept writing         150,00 Shooting Follow up steps with proposal Refund Consulting fee with booking
Advice: Head shots or lifestyle portraits are also very often used as a business portrait. However, this does not correspond to the requirements explained here for the term BP.
To ensure this, an individually written scene script is always necessary. In some cases, the script even takes into account meeting and moderation, customer conversations or special scenes. As extensive as the shoot itself, the media requirements can be as individual later. For this reason, the Business Portrait must cover all optional scees that could later be queried as a single photo. Therefore, a script is indispensable as a functional specification sheet.