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PR Head Shots
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Ein profile photo shoud be „composed“ …  format-filling, but in no way resemble a passport photo. Selfies are also not suitable. With a time expenditure of about 45 minutes, we photograph personality-strong head shots and half body portraits against a specially selected background. For outfits, hair, make-up or accessories, customers receive a short style briefing before the shooting.
45 min. Shooting, Photo Selection 10 retouched Photos 1000 or 750 Pixel:                                   150 Euro with commercial printing rights for Corpoprate up to A5: 250 Euro Magazine or Big Prints with licence agreement.
 Profil photo  Messenger  Corporae Webpage  Media applications  PR Stories  Business platforms  Social Media  Editorial print: Magazine Cover Photo  Media Illustration  Online Dating  etc.
It‘s about perception, sympathy, authenticity and trustworthyness.