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Head Shots
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The beginning of an „open life“. We all use social media and business networks, albeit with different goals. That means: We all publish profile pictures for everyone to see. And this is how we give others an important first impression of ourselves. Not just friends and family members, but also superiors, employees, colleagues and possibly even customer. Not entirely unimportant for some, but the success for failure of online dating also depends crucially on how you are perceived. Without exaggeration, we can say that profile pictures send a first, important statement towards the public. A profile photo should fill up the format, but in no case resemble a passport photo. Selfies are also not suitable. With a time invest of about 45 minutes max. I make photos in front of a special selected background head shots. Please avoid T-shirts of any kind of printed shirts. Classic shirts, blouses and a jacket are always suitable.
Please copy following text in your mail: Hello Chris, I would like to book you for a set of Head Shots. Please come back for the next steps.
Mail Connection Please don‘t forget your contact details.
Fee: all-in: 125,00 Euro 10 retouched photos 750 Pixel