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Life Portrait
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Anyone who deals with life portraits is, according to my understanding, approaching a sensitve topic. I myself visited the National Portrait Gallery in London for the first time in 1999.  (npg.org.uk) And with every portrait I saw, I became aware not only of how finite life is, but what actually reamains of us in the end. And no, it‘s not the things we‘ve possessed throughout our lives. It‘s our photographs, it‘s our biography, what we‘ve created and it‘s the memories of it. Back then, we were still a long way from inflationary digital photography. We photographed with film. Each portrait in itself was already a valuable contemporay document. And we took our time for that. With Art Matters Stuff, we have once again made this philosophy an important part of our work. We photograph Life Portraits framed as „big print“. The motif can be a classic chair portrait or the combination of the attributes that make you up. A certain style, a certain place, a certain activity or everything together. Possibly even together with one or more people who are important in your life. Thus, a life portrait either becomes a still life, a documentary or gets a biographical character. We look forward to meeting you. „Time doesn‘t stop for anyone.“
Values for your life. Christian von der Eltz, Photographer Shanghai 2015 (Urheberrechtlich geschuetzt)
„Time doesn‘t stop for anyone.“