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Life Portrait
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or „the classic“ in portrait photography. Sitting in or standing next to a high-quality armchair, in an elegant wardrobe, the background is completely faded out and the focus is on the face or directed the person. The purpose of this photo shoot is not to make a comprehensive collection of photographs, but to create this one and special artwork. Photographed in color or in black and white, this artwork is in the right place a „quiet, daily conversation partner“ and for future generations it is connected with valuable memories and thus a valuable legacy. Values for your life. Including light setting, other preparations and photography, a time of around 2 hours should be planned. It will only be mentioned in passing, but this setting is very often offered by photographers a business portrait. I think t hat is wrong. Even if this motif fits one or the other media business application, a real business portrait has to meet com- pletely different requirements. Nevertheless, please book it as a „classic portrait“ with digital.  
Values for your life. Christian von der Eltz, Photographer Shanghai 2015 (Urheberrechtlich geschuetzt)
The classic
Shooting, Photo Selection, One Print file Production excl. Print or Framing incl. 10 digital Photo Files 750 Pixel 350 Euro